From penis rings to dildos, sex toys are more and more commonly found in bedrooms of consenting adults. And while sex toys are more historically associated with females, the fact is that more and more males are growing comfortable with incorporating toy play into their sex lives – often with great results. In general, sex toys don’t come with penis health concerns, but there are some instances where a penis health issue may inadvertently arise. For example, sometimes using sex toys might result in a penis rash showing up unexpectedly.

Sex toys

People have been using sex toys for generations. Ancient Greece and Egypt, for example, include references to objects which would be recognized today as dildos. People have used phallic-shaped food, such as zucchinis, as “natural” dildos, and carved-out melons have been used by enterprising men as vagina substitutes for eons.

But today, sex toys generally refer to objects manufactured specifically for use in sexual situations, whether solo or partner-based, generally to enhance pleasure. (For some, that pleasure is enhanced through infliction of some degrees of pain, but the ultimate goal is pleasurable, however an individual may define it.)

Penis rash

In general, a penis rash (like most skin rashes) occurs because the penis skin has come into contact with some sort of allergic factor. Theoretically, the make-up of any individual could be such that he or she could be allergic to just about anything. However, the objects we will be discussing are those which are somewhat more likely than others to bring about a penis rash reaction. It’s important to note, of course, that just because some people may be allergic to something doesn’t mean everyone is.

With that in mind, here are some sex toys which in some instances could produce a penis rash in some men:

– Metal penis rings or balls stretchers. Penis rings are intended to tightly encircle the penis (or penis and balls) in such a way that blood is encouraged to fill the penis, thereby enhancing a man’s erection. Balls stretchers are worn tightly around the top of the balls so that the balls stretch out; sometimes weights are used to increase the stretching. Rings and stretchers can be made of several different materials, including metal – and in some instances, that can be problematic. A surprising number of people are allergic to nickel, and it can cause a rash in areas in which it comes into contact. Many metal products include nickel in their mixture – so a penis rash occurring after wearing a metal ring or stretchers may be due to the presence of nickel.

– Vagina substitutes. Vagina substitutes come in all different forms, but they are generally a hollowed out tube of some sort which has been lined with a soft material. An erect penis thrusts in and out of the tube, usually resulting in ejaculation. If the toy is thoroughly cleaned after each use, there is little risk of a rash – but if not, a penis rash is quite likely. The risk increases if a man does not clean it thoroughly after another man has used it. (Sharing sex toys is risky, and most should be sterilized before being shared.)

– Condom. Not a sex toy, but some men do have an allergy to latex – meaning that they must use non-latex condoms in order to be safe from both STIs and from a potential penis rash!

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