In this article, I’ll be going through with you 5 simple tips that you can use to get gold fast and you can implement it immediately. In World of Warcraft, most, although not all, things you wish to get will require gold and certain items are not cheap. For example, epic mounts, mats for items, mats for gadgets and so on and so forth. So I will get right into the 5 tips now.

Tip 1 – Sell green coloured items

Most of the green coloured items sell for quite alot. Especially the level 50s and above items. They usually drop more and more frequent as you go past level 50 so there really will be tons of these items to sell. You can sell either at the auction house or vendor it like I do.

Tip 2- Trade at the auction house

Buy and sell items at the auction house. This is one of the fastest method to get gold fast but use with caution as it is possible to lose gold. If you manage to be a master at this, I think you could even be ready to take on the stock market!

Tip 3 – Farm elite characters

Farming elite characters have been a common gold getting tactic used by many in the World of Warcraft. For example certain elite characters drops Buy wow gold rare epic items which can be sold for alot. However this method is only feasible by certain classes.

Tip 4 – Farm lower level instance bosses

Farming lower level bosses is another popular method. However not all classes are able to do this. This method is more for ranged classes such as Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and maybe Shadow Priests. Also not all lower level instances are good to farm so you must really know which instances are good for farming.